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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

We collect FAQ questions here, so they might help other users using InvoiceAcademy.com.

1. I have technical problem, who do I email?

First make sure to check error log on your account page. There might be error messages that help you to solve technical problems.

If you can not solve your technical problem or you think there might be a bug in the software, please email us at invoiceacademy@gmail.com or use contact form on our website.

2. How many free invoices can I make?

There are no limit to number of invoices you can have.

This service supports entrepreneurs and small businesses, so feel free to use service.

3. I registered, but did not receive login details?

Login details are sent immediately after registration. If you dont get them in 5 minutes something must have gone wrong. Please check your "Spam"-folder and contact us.

You can also try to get your lost login details from this link: Forgot your password?

4. Creating and modifying invoices

To create new invoice OR to edit old invoice:
1. login to your invoices page.
2. Click 'Create new invoice'-button. New invoice is created and you can see it on invoices list.
3. Choose the invoice by clicking 'Edit'-button on the row. Rows background color will change.
4. Scroll to the bottom of page and you can see the invoice opened with full details.
5. Invoice can be edited by pressing 'Modify'-button.
6. Remember to press 'Save' after you have edited the invoice.